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GGEM Farming Estate,

Off Lakeshore Road,


P.O. Box 185,

Linga, Malawi.

Commercializing And Digitalizing  Smallholder Farmer Productivity

Access to: Pest Alerts, Weather Updates and Solutions, Soil Analysis

Quality Inputs; Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides



GGEM Farming is investing in Malawi's 14 Million smallholder Farmers by providing Commercial and Digital solutions to increase farmer incomes. Technology enables us to bridge the information, financing, logistics and market access gaps that drastically reduce farmer profitability, keeping hardworking farmers perpetually poor. GGEM Farming addresses the key Agriculture Value Chain pain points, allowing farmers to access nuanced technology based solutions, an Ethical Market Place and the potential to boost their farming incomes by over 400% in one farming season- making GGEM Farming the Future of Commercial Farming in Malawi.


Our Model

We help communities to understand the assets they have that can be protected and invested in, in order to generate regular incomes.


We use a farmer group by farmer group approach to determine what, why, when and how training should be conducted.


Farmers receive high-quality inputs and access to equipment in order for them to be able to produce crops of commercial farming standards.


We find viable global markets that offer fair prices and regular uptake of commodities.



Why GGEM Farming Matters

Smallholder farmers and their families are historically the poorest and largest subsection of Malawians. Many of our farmers and their families initially live on under 50USD per year. Hard to imagine but all too often the occurrence in remote smallholder farmer communities. Hunger, Financial Exclusion, Malnourishment, Poor health, Unsafe Water, limited access to Education and Energy Sources- these are everyday problems in our farmer villages.


In the last 3 years, we have been able to experience and confirm what many studies are now echoing. While aid has made a valiant effort to eradicate poverty in such communities, a hand up not a hand out is what farmers need in order to support permanent change.


All GGEM Farmers are hardworking, dedicated and motivated to change their own narrative.They sow seed by seed. They till their fields manually, line by line to perfection. They aspire for their children and are ready for the investment that will change their lives irreversibly.Their determination is our GGEM Farming inspiration.


As a Social Enterprise our model is simple- As GGEM farmers earn more, they self-invest and their livelihoods improve more. We are seeing their individual and local communities incomes increase- which is translating to growing better, eating better and living better through their own efforts. Join us to support the World's no.1 Growers and Feeders to become their own feeders too. #FightforFairness

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