How We Work

The context- Globally, Smallholder farmers provide livelihoods for over 2 Billion people. In Sub- Saharan Africa, they produce 80% of the food via family farms but yet, they are still the poorest people on the planet.

As GGEM Farming our goal is to facilitate the following. We create a Clear and Consistent link to Ethical Markets and provide the services for farmers to access them- while earning fair prices.

  • Active Farmer Support

    We create a Clear and Consistent link to Ethical Markets, provide the services for farmers to access them- earning fair prices.

  • Ethical Aggregrating For Buyers

    We invest in a consistent and traceable source of high quality commodities. Why does the problem exist? Smallholder farmers work in silos, their efforts are often disconnected to the market/ buyers resulting in poor returns for farmers and unreliable uptake for buyers. Supply and Demand exists for all produce that smallholder farmers produce. The lack of coordination and investment in the smooth running of the value chain leads to cyclic losses market volatility and lack of profitability – especially for farmers.

  • Data-Driven Research

    We use the GGEM Farming Mobile Application which allows us to monitor farmer progress and collect data on both farming practices and community resilience. We capture Farmer data- their family and community livelihood factors; as well as economic growth in their local economies, allowing multiple streams of learning. THE GGEM App also makes it possible for us to broadcast legal commodity prices and to track produce from farmer to buyer. This creates a transparent pathway for buyers/ consumers to positively connect with rural growers.

Where We Work

We work in the central region of Malawi- where there are over 5 million farmers in the surrounding districts. Crops popularly associated with the region include- Legumes (Beans and Peanuts/ Groundnuts), Cereals (particularly Malawi Long Grain Rice.)

The region is also popular for fish farming; and our current growth areas include fruit farming, chilli farming and woodlot/ essential oil plantations.

GGEM Food Security Goal


Our focus is to continue facilitating and investing in end to end services for farmers- enabling both an increase in productivity and a decrease is avoidable food loss.