Ethical Market Platform

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We find viable global markets that offer fair prices and regular uptake of commodities. We process, store and add value to various commodities to create an increasing number of market pathways, while fostering good farming and consistent supply practices in Malawi. 

0% Input Credit

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Farmers receive high-quality inputs and access to equipment in order for them to be able to produce crops of commercial farming standards. We avail what they need to thrive vs what they can afford to borrow. This enables our farmers to earn higher incomes and sell through our market confidently- repaying their loans all while remaining highly profitable.


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We use a farmer group by farmer group approach to determine what, why, when and how training should be conducted. This helps us to facilitate learning that is relevant and catalytic for long term behavioral change. Our training includes- Life skills, Agribusiness training, Small Business training, Family Financial Planning and Gender Balance Principles. 

Asset Discovery

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We help communities to understand the assets they have that can be protected and invested in, in order to generate regular incomes. From establishing plantations for profit to maximizing on the rice value chain by protecting natural waterways. We are investing in Malawi’s farmers so that they can conserve, protect and earn from their land and water.